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The characteristic of
the professor A. Bliskunov's method
    The nowaday state of a problem of the limb lengthening and reconstrucion operations on the abutment-motor system is connected with wide introduction in the clinical practice of a compression-distraction method (devices of Ilizarov, Volkov-Oganesyan, Culnberz etc.)
    Despite of wide development of various methods, the problem still arrests attention because of defects and complications, which reach 78% if the external devices are used especially on such segment as a thigh:
  • Inflammatory processes around the spokes causes in a number of cases abscesses, phlegmons, osteomyelitis;
  • Damages by spokes of trunk vessels, nerves, secondary bleedings, contractions and stiffness of joints;
  • Unsatisfactory fixing bones fragments causes incorrect joint;
  • Inconveniences tested by the patients during the whole period of treatment, caused by burdention of bulky constructions;
  • The constant "attachment" of the patient to hospital, constant control of the medical staff, constant bandaging and X-ray examinations.
    The method of the professor A. Bliskunov has become a new direction in reconstruction surgery of the abutment-motion system. The method is protected by 58 copyright certificates of the ex-USSR. The essence of a new method is the usage of compact devices which are entirely implantated inside the bone. They are supplied with the original device - working under a control of the patient. The special technology and equipment was developed for the device implantation.
    The Bliskunov's method has received wide popularity not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. At an international symposium in USA in 1997 the Bliskunov's method has recieved the general recognition and approval of the experts.


The following health problems can be treated by the Bliskunov's method:
  • Inherent truncations of legs;
  • Truncations of legs which appeared after heavy traumas open fractures, fire wounds (fig. 1);
  • Truncations of legs after endured poliomyelitis.
The Bliskunov's method allows to increase height
of the person by 5-20 cm in case of:
  • Various kinds dwarfism (hypophysial dwarfism, hipo- and ahondroplasia);
  • Blaunt illnesses in a combination with the various kinds of  truncations;
  • Morally injuring growth, with the purpose of its cosmetic correction (fig. 2)


    The range of application of Bliskunov's devices constantly extends. During the last years the method has found a use:
  • For want of treatment of the patients with tumours of bones and joints, including malignant;
  • For want of treatment of extensive inherent and acquired defects of bones.
    The main sociol - psychological and economic advantages of the method are the following: the usual way of patient's life, the same as before the operation, possibility to work decrease of the costs in postoperative period. Absence of the external metalloconstructions, stable fixing, complete autonomy allow to conduct valuable early social and medical rehabilitation:
  • The Bliskunov's device does not disturb the way of life of the patients during treatment irrespective of its terms;
  • The method does not require a durable bed mode and durable stay in a hospital cot;
  • The Bliskunov's device does not change the way of life during treatment, in 7 days after the operation the patients can move, serve themselves, observe a hygienic mode, take a bath, swim in pool;
  • The process of lengthening is inspected by a patient, it does not require constant stay in a hospital department, regular bandagings and medical observation; the patients can stay at home or continue treatment at the sanatorium.

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