1938 - 1996

   The doctor of medical science, professor, The Honoured inventor of the USSR and Ukraine, The Laureate of the Large Gold medal of the Intellectual property of the United Nations. The first Laureate of the Ukrainian Republican Premium of V.K. Seminsky, The Laureate of the Decoration of the President of Ukraine.
    A. Bliskunov is an author of 255 scientific works and 125 inventions. The founder of a new direction in a traumatology and orthopedics - The Controlled Distraction by means of fully implantated mechanical devices. The devices of a construction of the professor A. Bliskunov are recognized all over the world.
    Till the last days of his life professor A. Bliskunov remained the main traumatologiest-orthopaedist of the Ministry of Public Health of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea, The president of the fund of Mercy and Health of  the Crimea, the academician of  the Crimean Academy of sciences, the deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea, the member of editorial board and painter of the well known journal "The Bulletin of traumatology and orthopaedy of N. N. Priorov" (Moscow, Russia). He was an initiator of realization of the traditional scientific-practical conferences of CIS traumatologiests-orthopaedists - "The Crimean evenings".
    After the death of the professor A. Bliskunov, in December 1996 the scientific development in this direction proceeds. Nowadays implantation of a Bliskunov's distractors is developed at a cosmetic level. The operation is carried out through operational cuts from 0,5 up to 3 cm. The new system and adaptations, conductor devices, additional operational equipment are created and approved, and also according to wishes and remarks of the author of a method, the new generation of devices is created. The new system and methods are prepared for patenting.
    Great scientific and practical significance represents perspective development:
  • Endodistractor for shoulder lengthening;
  • Endodistractor for substitution of shoulder defects;
  • Endodistractors for lengthening of a forearm, leg, short stump for successful prosthetics.

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